Your support allows us to continue serving as the keystone of Tulsa’s performing arts – thank you!

Sustaining Patrons

    • Adelson Family Foundation

    • Avery Family Trust

    • Herbert and Roseline Gussman Foundation

    • The Helmerich Trust

    • Charles and Lynn Shusterman Family Philanthropies

  • The George Kaiser Family Foundation

  • Raymond and Bessie Kravis Foundation

  • The Patti Johnson Wilson Foundation

  • John Steele Zink Foundation

We gratefully acknowledge our Sustaining Patrons, who have given $40,000 or more for at least 3 consecutive years.


The members of the Vivaldi Society make up the core support system of the Tulsa Symphony. This group of distinguished donors is honored annually at an exclusive donor event. Each year, members of the Vivaldi Society make a gift of $2,500 or more to support the day-to-day operations of the organization, concert production, and presentation of our educational and community outreach programs.



Avery Family Trust
Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
David B. Waters Charitable Foundation
The Helmerich Trust
Patti Johnson Wilson Foundation
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies


Adelson Family Foundation
Linda S. Feagin
Herbert and Roseline Gussman Foundation
John Steele Zink Foundation
George Kaiser Family Foundation
Raymond and Bessie Kravis Foundation
Sharon Parker


The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation
Arts Alliance Tulsa
Ms. Linda Feagin
Flint Family Foundation
Mervin Bovaird Foundation
Oklahoma Arts Council


The Albert and Hete Barthelmes Foundation
Charles and Marion Weber Foundation
Commonwealth Foundation
Coretz Family Foundation
Frederic Dorwart
The Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation
Ramez and Katrine Hakim
Mrs. Peggy Helmerich
James D. and Cathryn M. Moore Foundation
Mrs. Anna Norberg
Peggy and Ronald Predl
Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation
Dr. Rollie E. Rhodes
Mrs. Susan Rorschach
The Sharna and Irvin Frank Foundation
State Of Oklahoma
Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust
Dr. Timothy and Susan Young


Anonymous (1)
Bank of Oklahoma Foundation
Billie and Howard Barnett
Dr. Adam and Mrs. Mary Betz
Mr. John A. Brock
Commonwealth Foundation
Ivonne and William Coppoc
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Dunitz
Felicia and Keith Elder
Barbara and Ron Glass
William and Gretchen Kimball Fund
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Christina Morton
Patricia and Robert Parks
Ms. Helen Marie Sisler
Susan and Bill Thomas
Undercover Tourist


A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. David Adelson
Stephen Tackett- The Audio Planet
Ms. Barbara Bates
Mr. Roger N. and Mrs. Mary L. Blais
Adele Rolf E. Blom
Dixie Busby and Ken Busby
Mrs. Kari Caldwell
Erin and Michael Dailey
First Oklahoma Bank
Dr. Marc and Linda Frazier
Hon. Deborah C. Shallcross and Mr. John Gajda
Gelvin Foundation
Lynn F. and Marc A. Goldberg
Ms. Sherye Halliburton
Nancy and Phil Hammond
Jamie Jamieson and Kathy Henry
Hillcrest HealthCare System
Hille Foundation
Erv Janssen, M.D.
Mr. Byron Jennings
Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Kempe
Mrs. Robert Millspaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Nell
Virginia Mayo Ownby Charitable Trust
Mr. Gary Quiggle
Joan G. and Harry L. Seay III
MaDonna S. and Donald G. Smith
Mrs. Jane B. Sneed
Mr. Samuel F. Stiles
Barbara Sylvan
Lanelle and Ed Tackett
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew N. Warren

TSO Associates




Anonymous (2)
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Adelson
Ms. Holly Anderson
Ms. Sara Arnold
Dr. and Mrs. Ray M. Balyeat
Marian and Dennis Bires
C. Arnold and Pat Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buchanan
The Burton Foundation
Dr. Bruce and Judith Carrico
Mrs. Sarah Coburn-Rothermel
LaShawn and Kyden Creekpaum
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Edwards
Mr. Fred Elder
Carolyn and Carter Fairless
William Ferrara and Lee Kaylor
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Filstrup
Dr. Andrew Gottehrer
William D. and Marlo Holly
Marjorie and David Kroll
Lawson Petroleum Company
Drs. Sang and Kyung Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lorton
Ms. Evelyn Rayzor Nienhuis
Hannah and Joe Robson
Sand Springs Symphony League
Stella and Edmund J. Seiders
Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Seymour
Holly and William Southerland
Mr. Doug Throckmorton
Michael and Dororthy Tramontana
Patricia W. Wheeler
Robert S. and Helen Grey Trippet Foundation
John and Barbara Turner
Mrs. Steadman Upham
Mike and Karen Vanschoyck
Ms. Deidra M. Wakeley
Ms. Patricia W. Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Will
The Williams Companies, Inc.
Mrs. Diane Wolff
Sharon and Dwight Yenzer
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Yowell



Anonymous (3)
Mr. and Mrs. James Adelson
Mr. and Ms. Adam K. Adwon
Sheri and Andy Allen
Sue and Dale Amstutz
Sandra and John W. Barnett, Jr.
Ms. Charlene Bassett
Mr. Aaron Betz
Ms. Elma L. Briggs
Chelsea Gallery
Mr. William A. Coberly
Dr. and Dr. Roger Des Prez
Mr. Martin Frey
Marge and John Gaberino, Jr.
Ms. Anne Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Grimshaw
Diane and Kenneth Jackson
Mr. Ronald G. Jacob
Mr. and Mrs. Neil R. Johnson
Mr. Raymond Johnson
Stan & Jane Johnson Charitable Fund
Jennifer J. and David E. Keglovits
Andrew Khouw, M.D.
Edwin and Lydia B. Kronfeld
Paula Cadogan and David Kucinskas
Ms. Mary Lengacher
Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation
William E. Lobeck and Kathryn L. Taylor
Dr. and Mrs. David Merifield
Mr. James Monroe
Debra L. and Scott M. Morgan
Dennis R. Neill and John Southard
Lindsay and Diane Perkins
Ms. Doris Piatak
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Robinowitz
Helen Savage Family Fund
John & Mary Shivel
Mrs. Myrlita J. Stiles
Sabrina and James Taylor
Mr. Andrew Templeton
Walmart Facility #8263
Walmart Facility #5093
Mr. Ron Wheeler
Ms. Emily Wood
Mr. Steven D. Wright
Janet and Steve Wright



Anonymous (1)
Ms. Caroline Z. H. Abbott
Mr. Knarig Alajaji
Ms. Marilyn S. Anderson
Mr. Chris Barber and Sen. Jo Anna Dossett
Dr. Anthony and Rebecca Bascone
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Berrey, II
Mr. David Boelzner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Brady
Dr. William and Carol Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Call, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim K. Cameron
Belynda and James Clanton
Conoco Phillips
Dr. F. Daniel Duffy
Ms. Diana Farmer
Ms. Alicia Ford
Arthur O. Haggard
Mr. Jim Halsey
Mr. Stephen A. Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. James Howarth
Rachael and Ragen Hunsucker
Ms. Gloria Johnson
Emily and Benjamin Kamp
Ms. Hilary Kitz
Amelia and Rick Koontz
Kathy and Bill LaFortune
Greg Gatewood and Kerry Lewis
Sally and Jean McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McCready
Jeri Fritz
Mr. Jay Minor
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Monnet
Vincent and Rosamond “Posy” Mulford Fund
Anne & Richard Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Nesser
Dr. John M. Parschauer
Mr. Dan Richmond
Sue and Kent F. Schobe
Dr. and Mrs. James Seebass
A. L. & Charlene Stamps
Mr. Robert S. Stewart
Thomas H. and Susan S. Swatek
Christy and Dustin Thames
Ms. Carol Tillman
Ms. Carol Tipton
Marilyn Inhofe-Tucker and Ralph Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Winter
Mr. and Mrs. William Woodard
Ms. Ginni Young
John and Dru Young
Ms. Sue Young
Andrew and Jonell Ziola



Anonymous (5)
Ms. Cari Adams
Mr. Samuel Adler
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Almond
Ivery and Paul Anderson
Ms. Anita Anthony
Ms. Ninette Ashley
Mr. Jim Baird
Ms. Cheryl Baker
Ms. Becky Balser
Ms. Roberta Bastow
Susanna and Johnathan Belzley
Mr. Carl Bialik
Becky and Robert Billings
Mr. Walter Brant
Jean and Wallace Brasuell
Amanda and Dan Phelps
Mrs. Natalie L. Brundred
Ms. Nan Buhlinger
Mr. Jerry W. Carlson
Chapman Foundations Management, LLC
Barbara and Rick Cohen
Mr. Jim Collinsworth
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Covington
Ms. Claudia Cravens
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dieterlen
Mr. Robert Doenges
Kelly and Stanton Doyle
Mrs. Janet T. Drummond
Mr. Brian Eaton
Mr. Fred Ebrahimi
Ms. Donna Farrior
Ms. Greer Fites
Mr. Doug Fletcher
Mr. Rick Fortner
Mr. Brian Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Freese
Dr. and Mrs. Munson Fuller
Sharon Bell and Gregory Gray
Greg Lynch Strings
Ms. Beverly Griffea
Doris and David Haynes
Ms. Kay Hudnall
Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Israel
Ms. Ruth Ives
Ms. Kathleen Janger
Elaine and Allan Jeffy
Mr. Chad M. Johnson
Ms. Geraldine Jones
Martha B. and George H. Kamp
Kendra Scott
Mr. Michael Kenna
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kiely
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kishner
Rocky and Peggy Kollmeyer
Jo Ann and John Krueger
Jessi and Mark Krzmarick
Mr. Walter C. Lahman
Ms. Brittney Lam
Ms. Carol A. Lambert
Jeannie and Joe Langley
Virginia and Jerry Ledoux
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Leeds
Mr. G. Michael Lewis
Ms. Sue Loomis
Dr. Wallace B. Love
Mr. P. Vincent Lovoi
Gabriel Marketing
Mr. Derek Matthesen
Mrs. Linda Rosser
Jayne and Charles McLoughlin
Mr. Lyndon Meyer and Ms. Jana McIntyre
Ms. Catherine Mohr
Ms. Ruth K Nelson
Nancy and Don Nelson
Mr. Eric Nelson
Susan and Rod Nordstrom
Tom and Nan Payne
Samuel Peled and Jane Mudgett
Ms. Carla B. Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Petrikin
Kathy and Scott Pitcock
Ms. Carol Plummer
Ms. Lynn Richmond
Leah and Ryan Robertson
Kathleen McFadden Rupprecht
Sharon and Donald Ryan
Wilfred and Jean Sanditen Philanthropic Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Sumner G. Sandler
Ms. Beverly L. Seay
Jeffrey D. Shadley and Ronnamarie Jensen
Malcolm Taylor and Deborah Burke
Mr. Ed Van Eman
Ms. Margaret J. VanHorn
Mr. Carol Vaughan
Mr. Tom Walker
Mr. Gary Watts
Dr. Russell P. Westbrook Jr and Dr. Lynn A. Cyert
Ms. Karna Williams
Edith and Glenn Wilson
Mr. Martin R. Wing
Ms. Sandra Wood
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Worman
Rev. Richard and Peggy Ziglar



Ms. Janet Staudt Allen
Patty Bailey
Ms. Sally Bair
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rieger-Baker
Debbie Bilyou
Mr. David Blatt
Dr. Randal Burris
Mr. Mori Cancio and Mrs. Neera Singh
Marguerite A. Chapman
Dr. Leslie Ching
Ben and Lindsey Clark
Ms. Evelyn Clark
Mr. Tom Clark and Dr. Jennifer Gibbens
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Clifford
Pam Cobb
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Collins
Ms. Caroline O. Crain
Gregory and Diane Cunningham
Kristin Davis
Kurt Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Chip Doudican
Mr. Joe Fauth
Robert Ferguson
Richard Foster
J. Harley Galusha and Mary McIlhany
Mr. Bernard R. Gardner III
Peggy Gates Smith
Mrs. Stone Hallquist
Ed and Janet Harrington
Ms. Karen Harris
Ms. Diane Hartung
Ms. Pam Hillis
Mr. and Mrs. Leland Hoppe
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hughes
Sylvia Insall
Mr. Yann Irlinger and Mrs. Alexandra Bergman
Mr. and Mrs. Terrill Jankowski
Diane Jarvi
Ms. Myrna Jones
John Kolmer
Sean and Jennifer Latham
Ms. Amanda Lemon
Mr. and Mrs. David Marshall
Robert M. McNally
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Miller
Mr. Kenneth Owen and Ms. Kathleen Benfield
James Pendergast
Timothy E Pierce
Ms. Diane Pittman
Ms. Janet Pieren
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Schwartz
Ms. Carolyn Shumaker
Edward W. Slier
Stephen and Dayna Smith
Susan Snodgrass
Dr. Donald Studebaker
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Thomason
Luc-Michel Tomasino
Victoria Travaglini
Jane Waligora
Peter M. Walter
Sean, Anita and Gavin Ward
Eileen Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Williams

In Memoriam

The Symphony appreciates contributions received in memory of:

of John C. Burrey by
Dr. Andrew Gottehrer
Erv Janssen, M.D.
Mr. Samuel F. Stiles
of George Caldwell by
Ms. Carol Tipton
of Lois Colaw by
Rev. Richard and Peggy Ziglar
of Pixie DeWitt by
Erv Janssen, M.D.
of Hilda Elder by
Dixie Busby and Ken Busby
Erin and Michael Dailey
Dr. Marc and Linda Frazier
Katrine and Ramez Hakim
Ms. Anna Norberg
Joan G. and Harry L. Seay III
Mr. Samuel F. Stiles
of David Taylor Flowers by
Carl Bialik
of Orpha J Harmish by
of Patricia Lieser by
Dr. Marc and Linda Frazier
Lanelle and Ed Tackett
of Robert Lengacher by
Rev. Richard and Peggy Ziglar


of Dr. R. Eric Nelson by
Ms. Donna Farrior

of Robert Rorschach by

Rev. Richard and Peggy Ziglar


of Theodore Scholl by
Dr. Andrew Gottehrer


of Bill Shambaugh by
Erv Janssen, M.D.


in remembrance of DoraLee Delzell Throckmorton by
Mr. Doug Throckmorton


of Jeannine Tomasino by
Dixie Busby and Ken Busby


of Linda Watts by
Mr. Gary Watts


of Patti Johnson Wilson by
Amelia and Rick Koontz


of Josephine G. Winter by
Mrs. Janet T. Drummond
Dr. Marc and Linda Frazier
Katrine and Ramez Hakim
Barbara and Ron Glass
Lydia B. and Edwin Kronfeld
Lawson Petroleum Company
Ms. Ruth K Nelson
Ms. Anna Norberg
Peggy and Ronald Predl
Joan G. and Harry L. Seay III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Winter

In Honor Of

The Symphony appreciates contributions received in honor of:

of Kari Caldwell by
Ms. Carol Tipton
of Gina Davis by
Sherye Halliburton
of Marc Facci by
Erv Janssen, M.D.
of Sarah Jenkins by
Ms. Emily Wood
of Raymond Johnson by
Ms. Deidra M. Wakeley
of Rollie Rhodes by
Ms. Emily Wood
of Ron Wheeler by
Ms. Sue Loomis
of Gena Alexander,
Rob Bailey,
Nan Buhlinger,
David Kazmierzak,
Susan Loomis,
Debra Morgan,
Hannah Murray,
Micahel Nicholson,
Bruce Schultz,
Michelle Sherman, and
Roy Smith by
Rev. Richard and Peggy Ziglar

Includes donations made between 7.1.2021 and 9.1.2022. 

For changes to your recognition name, please email Development Associate, Lauren White, at or call (918) 584-3645 x 210.